Summer Camp

Matthew 5:14: "You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden"

Summer Kids Camp 2017

In summer we held a camp for the children from our various congregations. Our theme was M514- Journey into the light, a reference to Matthew 5:14. The kids ranged in age from 8-12 and the camp was in Saikung. Most of the kids were already believers, including kids from congregation, Art in the Community and from East Point outreaches. This camp covered people from 3 areas, Kowloon, East Point and Taipo. As about 90% of campers were already believers, our aim was discipleship, teaching them to read Bible, listen to the Holy Spirit, prophesy etc.

One of the things campers did was they learnt how to hear from God. In worship, sometimes the kids would get a picture and not know what it meant, and others would receive the interpretation and give it. For example, one child saw a picture of angels flying around, and another got the interpretation that God was sending us good gifts via those angels! All our kids came away knowing that they had gifts to share and knowing that they could share them. From this, they also practiced sharing of their personal things e.g. pocket money, snacks. 3 of the children who came to camp received Jesus for the first time.

Our time was filled to the brim with activities. One such was orienteering – specifically orienteering in the dark. Kids were blindfolded in the night and led in a single file on a ‘journey’ into an installation of light. This gave them an experiential taste of needing light while in darkness.

We got them to build lighthouses, or light towers, as a way of learning that light is meant to be seen and particularly, that their light is meant to be seen by others. They used material that they picked up while on their Journey of Light to complete this task.

Lastly they made a Light Ball Track, where a ball of light could be made to knock away darkness.

Post-camp, we have seen that the kids have become more active in prayer, and steady in reading bible. Our hope is that we can gather them once a month to keep them going in the things that were begun at camp, so that as they come into teenhood, they will be equipped to follow Jesus.