Hong Kong Outreach

We have outreach teams who go all over Hong Kong looking to reach the most vulnerable people: street sleepers, drug addicts, the elderly and refugees.

Hong Kong Outreach


Teams go out into the streets to find those in need, sometimes during the day; sometimes in the middle of the night. We take food to the hungry, pray for the sick and share the love of the God who set us free.

We also provide regular meals for the elderly near our old factory building in Lai Chi Kok, one of the poorest areas of the city.

Our outreach teams tend to be linked to our local congregations. We currently have regular outreach in the following areas of Hong Kong:

  • Lai Chi Kok
  • Sham Shui Po
  • Yau Ma Tei
  • Chai Wan
  • Tai Po

Listening Posts

Listening Posts

‘Faith comes by hearing’, Romans 10:17. We have found that by listening to the Bible and then discussing it, we've seen God do amazing things. Many of the poor we meet in Hong Kong struggle with reading and so we take out handheld audio players ('Proclaimers') that contain recordings of the Bible in spoken Cantonese.

Every week we head out into the housing estates around Lai Chi Kok with rice boxes and Proclaimers. Anyone who's nearby gathers around. We eat, listen to a Bible story, and then they tell us what they’ve heard.

Many have been healed as they listen, and believe in Jesus when they hear who He is and what He did.

Art in the Park

Art in the Park

Every week we gather in Hong Kong’s parks and spend some time creating art; whether it’s painting with our fingers or our feet!

Families attending local schools have no opportunity to express themselves through creative art, so many people of all ages eagerly gather around us to see what’s going on.

It’s a great way of making friends, sharing the good news of Jesus and having fun.

Art in the Park

Meeting in each other's homes

Every week, we have groups that meet in homes, eat together, worship, pray for each other, listen to the Bible and talk about it. We think that meeting in small groups is an important way to encourage and support each other as disciples of Jesus.

This picture is of our group who meet in Yau Ma Tei each week, primarily made up of Nepalese men and women we've met during outreach. Some have also come to live with us in our rehabilitation homes.

Ministry with the Deaf

Ministry with the deaf

This year we discovered that the fourth largest unreached people group in the world are the Deaf. Deaf people are often overlooked but the church, and hearing people can find it hard to understand their culture and their needs.

While the actual worldwide deaf population is disputed (some say 300 million), the World Federation of Deaf estimates that 70 million deaf people use sign language. Of the total population, it is estimated that less than 2% have been reached with the Gospel.

Learning sign language

A common misconception within the hearing community is that there is a single, universal sign language. In fact, there are at least 200 known deaf languages, with some estimates at double that number.

So, this year, we started equipping ourselves to share the Good News with the Deaf. We have engaged a teacher and a group of us are learning Hong Kong Sign Language with the aim of meeting the deaf people living in our city and sharing Jesus with them.

We are working with Faith Comes By hearing to develop Bibles stories in a visual form, so that the Deaf might know the Good News. We have also started signing in our worship.

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