Nepal Relief

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. And you will say in that day: “Give thanks to the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the peoples, proclaim that his name is exalted." - Isaiah 12:3-4

Nepal Relief Update

Just after the monsoon season ended, we returned again to the village where we had begun to rebuild houses in one of the mountainous areas hardest hit by the 2015 earthquake.

This time our team of five from Hong Kong was met by our friends, a team of 13, who had travelled over 30 hours by train and bus from their home across the border.

Our task this time: to build simple breeze block toilets at each of the rebuilt houses.

Each day we split into smaller teams of 4 or 5 and set out up and over the mountains.

One of our first visits was to Sushila. Despite the difficulty of her circumstances -- no husband and an elderly mother-in-law and two young children to care for -- she met us at the door of her new house with a radiant smile and insisted that we sit down first and drink some of the fresh buffalo milk that was the best her household had to offer.

When we arrived, her mother-in-law had been squatting on the ground, doubled over in pain from a terrible headache. She asked us to pray for her, and as soon as we did -- telling the pain to go in Jesus' name -- she was instantly healed.

Soon after, she was busy plying us with more cups of the buffalo milk and chasing after her lively young grandsons.

Sushilas lovely family

Sushila‘s lovely family

A Tippy Tap we constructed to allow for easy handwashing where there's no running water.

A 'Tippy Tap' we constructed to allow for easy handwashing where there's no running water.

The cataract man

The ‘cataract man’, with us, and some of his family, and the granny whose stomach pain was healed.

A few days later, as we were walking to a nearby village, we had a word of knowledge about a man with cataracts. Almost immediately after we received the word, the man passed by us on the road!

We arranged to visit him at his home, which was down several winding mountain paths. In fact he had just recently relocated his home to a new place as his previous house had been destroyed in the earthquake.

As we prayed for the man, the cataract in his right eye shrank significantly, and the pain in both of his eyes cleared up completely.

We learned that the doctor had told the man there was no hope of his eyes recovering, even through surgery. Jesus had a better plan.

As we were preparing to leave, we saw an older woman sitting by the cooking hut. She seemed to be in some pain, so we offered to pray for her. Instantly her stomach was healed and she then very easily believed in Jesus and received the power of the Holy Spirit to pray in tongues.

On the same day, another of our teams had gone out to pray and walk around the hills. Before they set out, they received several words of knowledge, one of which was a picture of a woman wearing blue. After a long afternoon of hiking, they had met many of the people and seen the places that God had showed them He would guide them to, but they still had not met the woman in blue.

But then, just as they were wondering whether to return home, something happened. A member of the team recounts the story of how they met an "old lady who was dramatically waving her hands indicating that she couldn’t see clearly, couldn’t swallow food and she wanted to die. We hugged her and spoke words of comfort to her in English and other languages; she spoke only her language but could catch some of the words where the language has similarities.

After some time she was gesturing that she was going home and we couldn’t work out if she wanted us to go with her or not so we just waved as she set of…...but then as she walked away, I saw with great amazement that she was wearing a blue cloth wraparound……this was the lady Father had wanted us to meet!….. My friend had not misunderstood when she felt it was a lady wearing blue!

So we ran after her and joined her as she led us to her home. One minute she was utterly delighted, like a young child, the next, she was utterly broken, as she showed us where she slept, on a bed outside covered only by a piece of tin metal. Again we spoke words of Father’s love and comfort to her, she seemed to find some joy and peace, and we saw her face change. We learnt in later meetings that she has four sons who are all feuding about who should take care of her. Consequently, none of them are and she is sleeping on her own outside. She previously used to spit and shout ugly words at our friend because he believes in Our Father and now this has turned around. She is a special, poor and desperate lady who shared her radishes with us because we gave her the love and attention that she was craving."

Throughout the time we spent there, the Father faithfully showed himself to many more people -- healing sickness and pain, setting them free from fear, and restoring strained and broken relationships.

We also managed to build a toilet at each of the new houses, thanks in large part to the help and expertise of local builders. Although we were often tired at the end of the day -- from shifting soil, lifting big bags of sand, or just from walking the steep hills -- we finished each day with a sense of satisfaction, joy and excitement to be a part of the great things God is doing in this village and this country.

Digging the foundation for the toilet

Digging the foundation for the toilet

Our friend the master bricklayer. Both he and his wife were healed of back pain.

Our friend the master bricklayer. Both he and his wife were healed of back pain.

Our campsite

Our campsite

Our dining room

Our dining room

One of many incredible views

One of many incredible views