Jubilee Weekend


Jackie’s Distillation of her Jubilee Week in Hong Kong November 2016

(as if you could capture the Pure Essence of Jesus!)


That’s the word. Indescribable joy and indescribable love.

We threw a party for the Lord and He threw one for us all.

“We were like those who dreamed
Our mouths were filled with laughter
Our tongues with songs of joy
Then it was declared in Hong Kong
The Lord has done great things for them
The Lord has done great things for us
And we are filled with joy.”

Over 30 musicians came from the 4 corners of the earth to worship, sing and play during the last week of the month. Over 200 former helpers and my twin, Gilly, came back to party too. It was a week of practising for heaven culminating in 50 hours of non-stop worship and prayer some of which was on the basketball courts just outside the Walled City where the big drug dens used to sit, housed in tin tents. So we, the pilgrims, were housed in a big tin tent, which turned out to have a big leak! A gale force downpour in November?

Many of the happily drenched have written their own experiences of that time so I refer you to their testimonies and reports, some of which are posted here on our website.


The whole thing began long, long ago in my ears and heart. People have asked: “Could you have imagined the City of Darkness would now have turned into the most beautiful garden filled with light? “Of course I could! I saw, like Abraham, another city” - I just didn’t know I would see it in my lifetime - And I heard, during times of weeping over the years, the voice of Jesus wooing us with His love through different instruments and voices improvising in the Holy Spirit. Then they were rejoicing over the harvest and remembering the cost He paid to bring in the sheaves. It was unscripted, despite the rehearsals earlier in the week. Clearly, though, orchestrated by the Creator. Many of the sounds I had already heard in my head but had not imagined the Irish whistle or the extraordinarily unearthly timbre of the counter-tenor who had insisted on coming! - So super to hear so many of those sounds in my lifetime.

I did a lot of jumping – no wonder the lame man was walking and leaping when healed at the Beautiful Gate! No wonder (King) David danced and celebrated in his linen ephod when the ram’s horns and trumpets, cymbals and lyres sounded the return of the ark. I had a few different Jubilee ephods given me by local friends who like to dress me, feed me and supply me with perfume. Different expressions of God’s love.

There have been some excellent pictures of all that happened. Dancing, painting, umbrellas, healing and moving stories from those who’d once lived in the Walled City. Some told how they had been set free, their sins forgiven and others how they had been touched by what Jesus had done there.

Link to artwork  View the Artwork here...   Watch the slideshow here

The collection of pictures here includes some of me conducting a scratch orchestra, who wonderfully submitted to playing the ridiculous “Toy Symphony”. (Our teenagers on the cuckoos, nightingales and rattles). This was in memory of my farewell barbecue 50 years ago in Kent where David MacInnes told my stunned friends that I was getting on a boat 2 days later to get off where God told me.

David came – as did Richard Thomson in a wheelchair. Richard is now rather famous in Hong Kong as in the same week we put on a new multi-media production of “Chasing the Dragon” with songs and dance composed and choreographed by our own people. During the course of the run, some of the professionals who helped also came to know Jesus. 2 make-up girls, 1 actor, and 2 crew members! All because Richard Thomson told me to get on a boat and pray the Lord would tell me where to get off. A seemingly unscripted, though well-orchestrated journey, which I’m still on, until the final destination.

There was no “preaching”. Just testimonies and a lot of declaration. We listened to Scripture and prayed for one another. Our different local groups “led” at various times augmented by the overseas players who came and went, as we all did, but never seemed to flag in zeal. The wonder was, that none of those incredible players and singers ever seized the limelight. It was not a performance as they constantly gave place to one another, preferring, rather to serve what the Spirit was doing at the time. A clarinet gave place to the keyboard, an alto recorder to a fiddle and the percussion attempted to match their rhythm to the thudding of the outside pile driver, which should have disrupted, but then enriched the whole party. The strings and wind walked around different parts of the tent, which was filled at about 2000 seats. They played over individuals with healing and prophecies enhanced by antiphonal brass. What horns! Then there was Raul, who, apart from his brilliance as a trumpeter turned out to play the cello, too, as well as the xylophone, and then more and more. He was obviously having fun. A taste of heaven it was.

And I believe it’s given many a thirst for a different kind of worship, which has, for nearly four decades, slowly become more worship leader/platform orientated and microphone or PA dependent. We long for the people of God to be heard and allowed to enjoy joining in the worship rather than to admire the band doing so.

My friend, Jo Garcia, was all over the place with her cello unceasingly echoing Jesus’ heart as she played over people. So was Richard Williamson with his viola. They, with their group Epiphany, had two sessions of “Sound Portraits” which you can read about on http://epiphanymusic.org.uk/sound-portraits If you’re in UK you can find out how to get to them. Extraordinary stories of breakthroughs in lives as they hear, through inspired music, what the Lord thinks of them. Know what He thinks of you?

Skin diseases, celiac and backs were healed instantly, asthma went and two were cured of tinnitus. One musician returned to UK to need a cancellation of his knee operation. Another heard a knock at her hotel door late one night. She had been on her knees crying out to the Lord for living water. When she opened the door 10 minutes into praying she was greeted by a non-hotel staff Chinese lady who insisted on presenting her with 2 bottles of water. “Vita” water. In the middle of the night. We entertained angels.

There are many, many other stories of physical healings still coming in. I cannot share them all but hope you can access what will encourage you. “But these are written so you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that by believing you may have life in His name.”

People outside the tent got healed, too, as we’d expected, and a Muslim woman came in and announced she knew Jesus was coming back! Other strangers who wandered in immediately met the Lord. Govt. officials and old drug addicts sat together. One said, as he looked at the sky, “I think heaven is pleased”.

Outstandingly, the sweetest work of God, which is typical of Jubilee, was reconciliation between those of us who had been estranged or offended. I saw friends from US and China with whom I’d not connected for 35 years and we prayed together for the sick. This happened over & again, over & again for many others.


Overall it was clear that I had but been a valuable part of touching lives which had touched others, which had touched others who have gone out into the whole world. They came back from Philippines, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Nepal, Mongolia and more to share what the Lord is now doing there amongst the poor through them.

Then it was said among the nations
The Lord has done great things for them
The Lord has done great things for us
And we are filled with joy.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.
Thanks be to God for Jesus’ death on the cross.
Thanks be to God that He loved us so much to die that we might be saved and forgiven.

So we persevere to reach the 4 corners of the earth with this good message.

- Jackie


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