Gap Year

“When I went to St. Stephen’s, I had no idea what to expect. Since going, my life has never been the same.”

2011 Gap Year

Gap Year

Gap Year

The Gap Year

Our Gap Year Programme runs from October for seven months or more (orientation begins in mid September). The gap year is specifically for young people who have just completed secondary/high school and are taking a gap between school and university. Over the years our Gap Years have come from all around the world: UK, Canada, US, Australia, Germany, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

Our Gap Years are usually based in the men’s, women’s and teenagers' rehabilitation homes. They live together in a family with those receiving help, getting to know them and building relationships. Days are spent worshipping, reading the Bible together, working, playing sport, music and games.

Gap Year

Outreach is also an important part of the Gap Year Programme. A few times a week, Gap Years join our outreach teams around Hong Kong. Whether it’s prayer walking around local night markets, or helping in street youth groups, they practice praying for the sick and loving the lost.

They might also get involved with Art In the Parkwhere we try different kinds of art and music in parks around Hong Kong, and Listening Posts where we take handheld ‘Proclaimers’ and rice boxes, and listen to the Bible on the housing estates around our old factory building in Lai Chi Kok.

Gap Year
    The gap year programme also includes weekly training sessions on the following topics:

  • God’s heart for the poor
  • Addiction
  • Mission in a cross-cultural context
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Healing
  • Discipleship
  • Money and ‘Work'
Gap Year

Getting in Touch

As part of the programme, Gap Years have the opportunity to go on a mission trip to another country in Asia. This is a great opportunity to see God at work in another context and learn more about working with the poor.

This year, they are taking part in our relief project in the Philippines bringing desperately needed help to the islands worst struck by the typhoon. Last year, some went to Vietnam and others to help in the wake of the Japanese earthquake.

Trips often involve prayer walking, outreach and visiting families that we have already met on previous trips. Often we see physical healings, people believing in Jesus and even food multiplication.

  If you would like to apply for the Gap Year programme, please contact us here...