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We are always in need of help.

We have a mixture of Chinese and Overseas helpers of all ages and background in our men’s, women’s and teenagers’ houses. They live together with those receiving help in a family.


Chinese Helpers

Many of our Chinese Helpers previously came to live with us to deal with addiction problems. After growing up and receiving healing in our first and second stage houses, they were touched with some of God’s heart for the lost and broken, and decided to come back and help. We also have Chinese Helpers who were not previously addicts; some from Hong Kong, others from overseas.

The great advantage of coming to live with us as a Chinese Helper is that you may already speak some Cantonese and have an understanding of Chinese culture.


Overseas Helpers

Our Overseas Helpers are from all over the world. In recent years they have come from UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Philippines and Singapore. We ask long-term helpers to commit to staying for a minimum of two years. We do not encourage short-term visits. The reason is that it takes time to adapt to Chinese culture and to learn the language. On arrival, helpers begin a three month period of training which includes Bible teaching and outreach.

The role of a helper is to love the men and women in our houses, and help them to grow up. This means sharing life with them; spending time with them, praying with them, working with them, playing sport and helping them to learn what it means to follow Jesus.

Helpers are involved in all aspects of life in the houses including praying, helping with worship and bible discussions, playing sport and music, and teaching English. They also help with cleaning and overall household maintenance. The day begins at 7.30am and finishes at 10pm. Helpers are in the houses 6 days a week and have one day off.


We are usually short of people and really need help!

Life in our houses can be challenging, but in the midst of the challenges, we see lives completely transformed: both the lives of our helpers, and those receiving help.

There is no salary, but accommodation and all meals are provided.

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