i648 Summer Camp

Isa 64:8: "Yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand"

i648 - Preteens Summer Camp

The view of water, mountains and sky at the campsite was a masterpiece in its own right.  And on the last morning, a rainbow stretched from the water into the sky, a stunning reminder of the beauty of God’s handiwork.

The crowning glory of the rainbow against the  view did perfect justice to the masterpieces God revealed in the lives of his children during the camp.

First of all, we enjoyed a feast of activities.  On the first morning, each child used double-sided tape to make a design on a T-shirt which represented something about themselves.  Later the children entered a room dubbed the Kingdom of God, where fans blew colored paper to stick to the designs on their T-shirts. The joy, exhilaration, surprise and beauty of leaping about in the midst of the rainbow, gold and silver paper flying around was surely a tiny, tiny taste of what is to come.  In the afternoon, we worked in small groups to build a giant catapult for firing water balloons. In the heat of the afternoon, being soaked with water was a relief as well as fun. Afterwards the children shared what they learnt from the experience including patience, perseverance, cooperation, how to encourage and how to communicate.  In the evening each child wore their T-shirt and walked down an imaginary catwalk, finishing with stating one God given ability they see in themselves. We also enjoyed Hong Kong’s first Pillow Fight Olympics on each of our two evenings.

Quiet times and sharing focused on how God is the potter, we are the clay, and how his hands create each of us to be a masterpiece. Many of the children were touched by the Holy Spirit throughout the weekend.  Three children believed in Jesus for the first time. During one ministry time, many stood to say they wanted all the good things that God has for them ~ many were children who are usually reluctant to profess anything publicly.

One child lost a much cherished wallet, but after praying it turned up again.  Another child slept very poorly on the first night. He also struggled the second night and one of the helpers took him out to chat and pray. He then said that he had struggled to sleep for a very long time and gradually shared some of his fears and worries. The next morning, he told the helper that he had slept very well that night in the end.  The helper noted that spending days and nights together gives a window into each other's lives that is not normally there, and allows God to remove things that cover up the masterpiece of who we really are in him. Another child faced considerable uncertainty in her family situation, which also drained her emotionally on a regular basis. After praying she said she knew to trust God to arrange her future, no matter what.

God brought many of the children's fears and sadnesses to the surface throughout the weekend, restoring joy and hope to them as they saw themselves through his eyes. And so His unconditional and never ending love transforms us into the masterpieces he originally conceived us to be.