South African flag

"The spirit world will never be the same in Franschhoek, or in Cape Town, or in Johannesburg, and through all of South Africa. The Kingdom of our God and of His Christ has come and is coming. (Rev. 12:10-11)

The after effects of all the Lord did in the conference in the hearts and lives of all who were there is spreading like a great Tsunami of GOOD NEWS. The harvest laboured for over the past 40 years by Helen, Grace and Jane and others who serve with them is coming forth in abundance.

I believe in the heavenly records this will be recorded as a ‘watershed moment’, when the tide of blessing from heaven swallowed up brokenness and hopelessness forever HOPE has been born and nothing can stop what the Lord has begun. What a privilege to have shared this time together." - Catherine Fabiano

Testimonies from South African Conference