God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.

Psalm 68:6

Growing Families

Family life

‘Family’ has always been central to what we do.

Over the past 10 years we have started to see the rapid disintegration of family life in Hong Kong. Parents work three jobs, and children spend hours alone, or in underground gaming centres. Families are fragmenting and relationships are breaking down. In 2013, poverty is not just found on the streets of Hong Kong, but in its families.

In everything we do, we are aiming to grow strong families in Hong Kong; whether that’s in our small groups and congregations, Mums’ and Toddlers’ Group, Arts in the Community or rehabilitation homes.

We have regular parenting workshops and groups, residential courses and training. Whether it’s a teenager who lives with us and needs to learn how to communicate with his parents, or a woman who is living in one of our rehabilitation homes and wants to rebuild a fractured relationship with her husband.

Family life

Parent Support Groups

We long to see healthy, Christ-centred families in Hong Kong, where all members can express their needs and feelings, and enjoy living and working together. When men and women come and live with us, it’s a decision that has implications for their whole family – not just them.

When teenagers (or ‘GoGetters’) come to live with us, we ask that their parents also come to our monthly Parent Support Groups and monthly family visit meetings. We look at different aspects of parenting teenagers and family life; from communication to family dynamics; conflict resolution to dealing with addiction; all underpinned by Christian values.

Family life

In a friendly, non-judgemental environment, through seminars, workshops and games, we encourage families to begin to communicate and express how they feel. In each session, we have a chance for discussion.

As well as monthly support groups and family visits, we also run Day and Week camps where families can spend a longer time together in a supported environment, learning to talk, work, cook, eat and play together, and most importantly, to deal with issues as they arise. We are now running Parent Support Groups in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories and we have seen amazing stories of restoration.


Rebuilding Marriages

Many men and women receiving residential help are married. As part of the process of healing and discipleship, we support the restoration of their marriage. We encourage regular visits from their spouses, where through support and facilitation, we help them work together on rebuilding their marriage.

Through these family reunion visits, as well as workshops and seminars, we help married couples learn to communicate, to resolve conflict and express themselves. We discover what the Bible says about marriage, and how to have loving relationships with their spouses. On returning home, we also support them in living out what they’ve learnt here.

Arts in the community

Arts in the Community

We want to provide a space where parents and children can explore creativity through music and arts. So, every Saturday at our old Factory building in Lai Chi Kok, we meet together, worship, eat, talk and do some art.

Whether it’s making models, painting on walls or even art with our feet, it’s always messy, creative and fun. We play thinking games and board games to develop strategic thinking, and each week, we think together about what skills we’re developing through the art that we’re trying out.

While children are getting stuck into different kinds of art, parents learn new ideas for parenting.

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved. Perhaps you'd like to come and try some art on Saturdays or you're interested in your son or daughter coming to live with us. You can email, call, or make an appointment to come and see us.

New Additions

New Additions

And of course, we also grow families when babies in our community are born! Congratulations to the parents of these recent newborn babies. We are delighted to welcome them to our family at St Stephen's Society.