Vic Gledhill

Over the last 4 years, Vic has been a welcome visitor and special friend to us in Hong Kong. He stirs us up to mission, to simply love people, and brings stories and films with him. His is one of the mission activities that we love to support.


Busia: ‘First School’

Six years ago the village elders, drums, singing and dancing welcomed us to Mulwanda village. One of our young couples had gone to live there to introduce Jesus as the one who alone could restore hope and life, to a people ravaged by polluted water diseases. Hope was restored, learning how to sew and make clothes with the first sewing machine we bought them. A region devastated by H.I.V. every family having lost father mother or both, including children. Many were healed and set free in that first welcome gathering; others would follow them in time to Jesus; there are now 3 churches in Gendero, Mulwanda and Machoja. Soon the children met for school in the shade of the Mango tree: Believing for a day when there would be a real school built. Now we have begun to do that on land given by the Village. At the same time we will soon have clean water from a bore well, instead of polluted river water. In February 2014 we began the first stages, thanks to help from the UK and our friends from Guelph in Canada.

The Mango tree – the plans – measuring – staking – string-lines, and the work can begin to build a school – ‘A future’

The young, old, men and women plus hired workers are shouting at one another to be the next to dig the foundations.

Careful the ‘toilet’ pit is 20ft deep! Sand from the river; Cement, Wheel-barrows and, all mixed and poured by hand!

The first layers of brick’s finally begin to reveal the four classrooms of ‘Hope-Academy’ - next the roof. – Builders in Canada; ordinary people, nurses, Dr’s, house wives and children in UK have all been part of a 2 year journey to start this ‘double-barrelled’ project - ‘A School & clean Water’ – we have ‘Two Other’ similar areas to duplicate this in. – Will you share in this with us? A massive thanks to everyone: Please contact me: Vic.

Busia: Mulwanda Village Bore Well - May 2014.

The borehole was flushed today, and the driller said the water supply was massive.’ The well depth is 70 metres, yielding 35,000 litres per hour and it will last for decades! It is estimated this amount of water could supply a village of over 20,000 people. It’s a - ‘12 baskets full over’ well. After all of the Mulwanda village water needs are met, based on these estimates we can extend the offer for clean water to villages up to a five mile radius from Mulwanda. Anyone choosing to walk in beyond that will of course be welcome. This also includes the Ugandan villages the other side of the boarder river. The process of building the concrete pad around the well head will now start. The hand pump will be connected, and the people can start to live!

People gathered from sunrise to sunset, as the news went out to the surrounding area. The drilling rig was the biggest machine and event anyone had ever seen. They knew what this would mean to them. When asked most would simply say – ‘we will not get sick from the river ever again!’ Loud cheers, jumping and the drum’s starting signal –‘Water!’

The first signs of water are, dust turns to mud- muddy water – then a ‘gusher’ of clean, pure, life-changing water.

It is for these children, and their children’s children we are grateful for your help and prayers. We have located four other places we can repeat this, and where we have our people already involved and working among the people. My thanks to you; Please contact me at for further information. Encouragement. Vic.

W/Kenya. ‘Clean Water & School.’

The polluted river that divides Kenya and Uganda has always been the only water supply for people. In December we demonstrated the ‘Sawyer Water Filter’ and gave three villages filter units. We chose those we’ve worked with for six years. Eric Mudenyo oversees the network of rural churches we have worked with for nine years. Steve 25yrs, from Busia, is married to his sister. Born in the Busia villages we are targeting, he returned from University five years ago and set up a number of our projects in Webuye, eg. the Cyber cafe and duplicating service, that is very successful. He is fully involved with the youth in the community and churches. He has spoken often of his dream to bring to his own people education, a medical dispensary, skills training and clean water, where there are none currently. He has regularly followed up the use of the three filters, and sends us pictures of the first gathering of area leaders and village Elders, to discuss the need of a bore-well, and school. He explains how most disease comes from the river. Busia has been identified as the most devastated by HIV in Kenya; eg. 36 of the 90 orphans in our Webuye boarding school are from these villages. I have never visited a village home where that has not lost parents or children from HIV Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera and other dysentery’s. (Endemic ignorance of water born disease will be addressed as we move forward)

This is a remarkable day – a first; that represents a real willingness to set aside old divisions, and focus on the future.

The ‘Sawyer-Filter’ supplies pure water to the delegates. Top bucket river water; Bottom bucket – ‘Life giving water!’

The school is a mud hut, or under the tree; but for the teachers and children, it is their future. It represents hope, in a forgotten place. Everyone is saying ‘we will do the work’ as happened with the Mt-Elgon project. These are an astute people; hard working rural farmers. Some have gone out and been educated, most do not return to where there is no hope for work. We have the teachers, proven leaders and hard workers, who have always increased whatever we first gave in help; eg. the first sewing-machine has become many during six years, and a sewing school started. If you wish to be part of, drilling a ‘bore hole well’ and ‘building a school’ for up to 500 children, please contact me, Thank you for your concern and prayers for us. Vic. People Are Important.

Busia W/Kenya. Charcoal Making

The jungle cleared to build the school had several huge tree stumps from years of cutting for firewood. Three young men spent the week digging a pit around them, and with one old axe and a machete, chipped and hacked until they could get under the root system, and lever and chop the huge stump out of the ground. Each stump took several men’s combined strength, to finally roll and lever, the stumps into a circle.

The tree stumps were shaped into a ‘doughnut’ with a ‘hole’ in the middle, then gaps filled with small branches. Several 5ft strong branches are then driven upright into the ground every three feet encircling the ‘Doughnut’ then hundreds of 4-6 ft lengths of large leaf branches from the bushes are pushed into every gap to seal it. They are woven and pressed into place between the ‘doughnut’ and the vertical stakes until, the whole structure is totally sealed.

Next, dig up the ground soil, and pack it into, and over, the entire structure until the ‘doughnut’ is covered with one foot of soil. It is now a totally sealed in ‘oven.’ Then a fire is lit in the ‘doughnut hole’ that’s sealed with scraps of old rusty roof sheet, that is covered with more of the leafy branches and soil until from bottom to top, it is a furnace of red hot burning wood and left to burn and smoulder for three days and nights turning the entire hard wood pile, into ‘Charcoal’ to be sold for cooking at the markets, and providing each family with six months income. Brilliant! Love it.


Not only was this a rare opportunity to record a process done this way for 100’s of years. It opened a door to talk about Jesus and questions on being a real Christian, and what they would have to change to follow Jesus. I prayed with them concerning their superstations, fears, family worries and a future with no hope. It was a first for them. They had never seen or spoken to a ‘Mazungu’- white man - and did not expect me to come and speak to them. Viewing the school being built from a distance. They were after all the least among their own people, nobodies; ‘charcoal-makers’ aware in my heart of Jesus saying, ‘for such as these – for such a time as this’ divine diary appointments are always, perfect timing. The smoke from the fire could not distract the tangible presence of Jesus, or the smiles on their faces, barley knowing how to respond to ‘first-contact’ kindness, and living power reaching into their hearts to heal, and set them free. Finally blessing the ‘Charcoal Making’ results, and the promise of day when new skills would be learned in the classrooms, they stood on their finished work for a photo. Be bold, for the Lord your God is with you. Vic. People Are Important.

Busia W/Kenya: Teacher Training. ‘Mulwanda Hope Academy’

We arrived in Mulwanda village at 9am and met immediately with three of the younger, mature village women who for four years, between daily village tasks, have faithfully taught the children aged 3-10 basic literacy under the mango tree each day. The elders had discovered that a rural teacher training course would start in two days and asked if we would sponsor their training for three years? As we discussed the details, their commitment to be trained, and abilities, we were satisfied that they had prepared themselves, and their circumstances to do this. Nangina training school is 30 minutes from Mulwanda village. The three year part time course is certified by the Kenya Government. This exciting discovery meant that for very little money they could train, and gain the skills they and the new school required. It would secure a future for them, and give Mulwanda Hope Academy village school official status.

There are three residential, one month, full time study blocks each year in April, August and December. It costs only £200 per person per year. They could not afford the fees, even if £5 – I was moved to hear they had been praying for the past year for a miracle from God for the money. Things had to move quickly with just two days to apply, pass entrance tests, get uniforms stitched, and buy pens, pencils and writing books.

Joanne Atiene. Baby girl 1yr.

Concepta Juma. Baby girl 2yr.

Eunice Barasa. Single.

These are totally rural women who have survived from birth in the village with barely enough to live on. Things are really desperate. But this opportunity gives them a way out of poverty and a future. They first heard of Jesus on our first visit six years ago, and unknown to us until now, had chosen to serve Jesus by teaching the children.

It is difficult to describe their wide eyed, open mouthed joy, gratitude and shock, when they heard they would be going to be trained; it was something to witness. I gave them three pens each, their course uniforms and a 70p perfumed body spray. It is the first time in their lives anyone has given them something personal for themselves.

My hope is that two or three or more could adopt and sponsor each of the women and start to write to them and develop a relationship with them. They are all highly motivated to become teachers for the future of the children. Without Jesus coming into the life of this village, and the start of the mud hut church, this would not be happening. Their traditional value as women, is little more than anything else that’s measured by what it can produce.


To be talking this through six years after the first contact is testimony to what happens when the ‘gospel’ is received, and Jesus forgives, heals and delivers a people from strongholds. They are changed at every level to become a new people, free from the dark customs that have always defined them. We give thanks and honor to the depth of God’s great salvation plan, for people on earth.

They are the first, of others who could follow. Please contact me if you believe this is what you should do.

We have four classrooms built, but still need to raise the money for desks, text and reference books and all that equips a school to work.

A massive thanks to each of you who have made where we are up to possible. Vic
Contact: Vic Gledhill.   People Are Important

Healings: N/Nigeria Kadara Villages

Woman in Green, 35yrs old. One day in 2004 the pain just started; and it’s there every day, unable to sell at the market she ran out of money. She said it moved around her body to a different location each day, and did not know what it was. Her neighbour returned from the local area where with 100’s of others she met us, and had received de-worming med’s, soap, matches, salt, and vitamins, her B.P. taken and prayed for. She told her that a white man was praying for people. After a fitful night of threatening fearful dreams, she woke with the familiar severe abdominal pain. Hearing what her friend said, she got up, and walked to us asking for prayer. She wanted the pain to stop, to be able to feed her family. When first challenged to obey Jesus, the stomach pain moved instantly to her groin; no pain now in her stomach. The tormenting spirit had exposed its presence by running – moving. It was commanded in Jesus name to stay put, and listen to what Jesus said in Luke 11:20-22. Cutting off its protection, support and power supply from other powers, reminding them of Hebrews 2:14-17 being established for all time, and that for them as dethroned powers meant, right now, and cast them out; barred them from returning to harm her ever again. Her smile of relief and amazement on her face said it all, no pain, free at last!



Woman in Pink: Her mother and two sisters had all dropped dead in the past year from the same thing? It was instant! She was filled with fear that she was next. We explained how Satan can target a family through traditional curses. She was thrilled to learn for the first time that Jesus could stop what Satan was doing to her family, and had come from heaven to give people like her His help, freedom and forgiveness for her sins. She was thrilled to hear this ‘Good-News’ for the first time. The Spirit of slavery the bible says leads to fear of death. When prayed and she felt something ‘run out’ of her. Everyone, helpless for answers to the darkness; and never met anyone to show them the answers.

Mother & Baby: A five month baby, badly underweight, she barely survived dysentery the big baby killer. Unable to suckle, her mother’s milk had dried up and it was constantly hungry. Letting it suckle had started some milk, so told her to persevere; boil and cool water for it, and chew food to a pulp and feed it to the baby. We prayed freedom, healing and the ‘Hedge of God’ around this precious little mite and mum. Baby had incredible alert eyes, truly a window to her soul.

Makama Village: A woman unable to move her wrist and hand shouted out in pain when I lightly examined it. She had not fallen or injured it to cause a fracture. These are tough women, and it’s rare to hear them cry out in pain. She could move her fingers, but not her wrist, hand or thumb for 2 months. She was desperate as it was sowing time for her family. I explained to her how Jesus was able to stop whatever Satan was doing to rob her and would pray for it. Confronting the situation in Jesus name produced no change. I told her not to be afraid, praying again while gently moving it to the name of Jesus; she said, ‘the pain is less’ The third time we dealt with the power source, supplying the demonic terrorizing of her arm, and plans to destroy her family. She started to move it shouting ‘the pain has gone.’ The joy and amazement can be seen in her face, and the women crowded round watching and listening to the process. Something none had seen or experienced before, she went away showing everyone she was healed and free.



We are all on the journey learning to do our mighty Lord’s wonders. Whatever we see, it is impossible to pray for someone and nothing happen. Healing is an integral part of God’s Kingdom message. The fact that Jesus is King means that Satan is not, and his weapons are powerless to resist Jesus Christ. Jesus proved His authority to forgive sins in Matt 9:1-8 by demonstrating His authority to heal. He told the disciples and us that this is still the best way to convince the world that the Gospel is true. If it moves, breaths, coughs or sneezes - ‘pray for it’ Encouragement - Vic.

N/Nigeria Fulani Nomad Muslims

This Fulani man from Makama village missed us. He came on a motor bike to find us in Robo village 3 miles away. He wanted to see me. He said 2 years ago, I put drops in his eyes that stopped the scratching’ and he had never forgotten me. He wanted more of that medicine, so I obliged. He was curious about my ‘wives’ and with the trouble he had with his two wives and four children agreed ‘one’ was enough!



He was very keen to be prayed for. It was the first time for Him, or any of his generations. He thanked me again and again, raising a clenched fist in a Philani salute of thanks and gratitude. I was the first Christian he had talked to. He stayed for 2 hours watching everything we did with the people, leaving only when we finished. Amos leading our village works will visit him and these families now they trust us - one wonderful step at a time, and one giant leap through the door for Jesus into their generations. They are one of the most unreached people groups in the world with good reason to distrust outsiders. People understand kindness and what helps them and their children. God & Jesus ways of reaching people works. We just copy them.


The Fulani man’s family and cows are everything to him. Prayer for a cow 4 years ago that was healed when others had died, opened the door to many families. The healing wonders always open the door to speak of who Jesus is.


The Fulani Elder with typical hat sits next to the village King. The Fulani women arrive with their children. They dress in multi-colored clothes, and faces uncovered. They came to three of the villages having heard of the de- worming medicines. They are so open and friendly. The women are bolder asking questions, and captivated to see themselves on a camera screen. There was a lot of pointing, smiles and talk about my bald head!



Amos was in prisoner in the Kaduna jail 15 years ago when he first heard of Jesus, was prayed for, and got a new tooth brush. He is a bold church planter, faithful, and a faith filled brother I have the joy to share life with. He always feeds back from his follow up of what we do. He said, two years ago in the Muslim village of Buda a Fulani man brought his wife for prayer with a huge swollen stomach. Not overweight or pregnant with no money for medicines. I remember them standing under the tree waiting. She was completely healed and normal. Amos continues to visit them. Jesus is working in them and their family. How wonderfully prayer breaks through, and turns the ground in lives.


Time is irrelevant, children find new friends, mothers watch: Everyone wants the machine! B.P. The harvest is ready.

Abubakar I first saw in the distance walking towards us staff across his shoulders in the Fulani way. Diji leads the village work. Every ones name and B.P. is recorded and uploaded to the computer. It gives valuable insight to the health, conditions and lives of communities of over 60 villages we work in. Muslim and other tribal girls of 12-15 are married with children, and have high B.P’s living with the pressures as one of four wives. They will not normally open up, but the high B.P. makes talking about themselves and problems legitimate and leads to prayer and limited treatment.

A Fulani man’s stick/staff is like a ‘third arm’ - resting an arm, or leg, killing a snake or herding the cattle. The boys, some married at 15 get their traditional stick as soon as they can walk. Cautious so close to the first white man they’ve seen, but curious missing nothing. The camera is always the best ‘ice-breaker’ they see themselves on camera for the first time laughing and pointing out one another.


In the bigger picture I trust Jesus ‘Way of the Harvest’ I know we sow, water and reap. We are also certain that others will reap what we have first sown beyond our life time. Jesus says this is how it works. All aspects are given equal value and worth by Jesus. John 4:35-38. We press on in the certainty of the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom affirmed with signs and wonders by the Jesus opening any life or place. Not one thing prayed into someone will be lost, or set aside until the mighty Spirit of God completes what is asked in his name. Not one act of kindness, justice, help, provision, bore hole, school, sewing machine, the Gospel of the Kingdom preached, orphanage, visit, bag carried and people loved will be shelved by any enemy or foe to gather dust. The Lord will have the final verdict. I’m so grateful to everyone that makes it all possible – reaching the unreached people for whom Jesus lived, worked and died for.
Encouragement and Joy to you. Vic. People Are Important.