Shatin Farm

Luke 9:13: "You give them something to eat"

The Five Two Workout

In the wake of Covid 19 in Hong Kong, and the succession of territory-wide measures enacted to slow the spread of the virus, we have seen the vulnerable among us further exposed.

The Five-Two Workout was our response to the changes brought about by the current crisis, and in particular for the poor. Whilst the admonishment in pandemic times was, rightly, to create distance and retreat to the safety of homes, we felt that there were some of us who ought instead to advance toward those for whom there was no safety.

With surgical masks already a highly sought-after, and often over-priced resource around HK, we have brought masks and hand sanitizers to those who were unable to buy enough, or any. We found, ironically, that government sanitization workers in particular seemed to lack a sufficient supply of these.

Apart from basic personal protection equipment, we took different types of food packs, as well as other relief measures, to those who were feeling the economic impact of a general slow down in the city. These included low-income families who suddenly lost a source of income, often living in sub-legal housing, McRefugees who no longer able to sit in at McDonalds overnight, and street sleepers who faced increased vulnerability to disease and dispossession.

The closure of public sporting facilities inadvertently meant the loss of a place to take a shower for street sleepers, who normally depended on these amenities, provided free of charge. With showers built in place for just this purpose, we started inviting those in need to come to our factory space and use them. Someone who had a shower at our factory also ended up receiving Jesus, decided to quit drugs, and moved in with us to start a new life with Jesus.

The Five-Two Workout best of all, provided ample opportunity for members of our different congregations to join in the work of reaching the needy. From walking up and down 8-storey tenements and stepping into public refuse collection points, to packing face masks and food packs, plus everything in between, our congregations have been a part of it everyday- together, giving the needy something to eat.