"Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ."

Romans 10:17

Faith Comes by Hearing

Faith comes by hearing

Paul's letter to the Romans says that 'faith comes by hearing'. At the time the Bible was written, it would not have been read, it would have been heard. Families orally passed stories from generation to generation. We believe that listening to the Bible is a powerful way to understand the word of God. Many of our brothers have very little education and might struggle with reading, so in our houses and congregation meetings we listen to the Bible.

Every week we have what we call 'Listening Posts' around the Hong Kong Housing Estates. We bring food, and a handheld audio machine (called a 'Proclaimer') which contains the whole of the Bible in Cantonese. We gather anyone who is there, eat with them and listen to stories of Jesus' miracles. Often people believe in Jesus and are healed instantly as they listen.

We also take 'Proclaimers' with us as we go to other countries in Asia with the gospel. The Faith Comes By Hearing Organisation have set out to record audio versions of the Bible in all of the world's languages, so we take the machines with us as we go from village to village.

Often whole villagers believe in Jesus as they hear the gospel stories for the very first time in their own language.

Here's a short video of the kind of thing that happens…

Faith comes by hearing

In the past year we have taken the spoken Word, spoken in a local language, out to various parts of Asia. Villagers who live a day’s trek into the mountains, families in the city slums of a closed country, drug addicts desperate for a way out, and victims in the wake of a super typhoon whose houses we helped rebuild – these are some of those who heard the Word about Christ, in their own language, believed in Him, and called on his name to be saved.