Village group

"I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north, ‘Give them up!’ and to the south, ‘Do not hold them back.’ Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth - everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”
Isaiah 43: 5-7

Spotlight on Another Couintry

Another country

Our relationship with this country began in 2002 when ‘Rebecca’ (a believer who lived there) visited us in Hong Kong.

She came to see what we do, hoping to return home to help the people whom she saw everyday struggling with drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

Ten years later, we finally moved here to join her in bringing His hope to the hopeless.

People working

The story so far

In the intervening years we made several visits to get a better sense of the place, as well as to pray and ask God to show us what our role here should be. Every time we went, we were shocked by what we saw.

We heard many stories of people trying to break free from addiction by being chained up for days in the sun, and of others who were beaten with guns.

Since we have been living here, we have yet to meet a family in which there is not one person addicted to either drugs or alcohol.

House renovation

Our house

A team of five of our Hong Kong men came in April 2012 to help us renovate Rebecca’s home so that addicts might be able to come and live there. Our first man came to live with us at the beginning of May 2012: he is still here today.

And now, our house is full of life, with eleven men and an unprecedented four helpers! (Usually we have two or three, with only one permanent; all of which keeps us open-hearted and open-handed to welcome new people and bless others to leave and go onto other places).

As well as people coming to live with us, we have done a number of trips around our hometown and across the whole state. On local trips, we visit people we’ve met, go on prayer walks and ask God for new encounters.

Train tracks

The train tracks

One of the places we regularly visit is near the train station. It’s an extremely poor and dark area, where drugs and locally brewed alcohol are readily available. The illegal alcohol is very rough and damaging to the body. The only leisure activity is watching violent movies, and there is very little hope or light.

Before Christopher came to live with us, he lived near the train station. The first time he went back to visit, none of his old friends could believe how healthy he looked. Many came and asked what had happened, and how he had been so dramatically changed. Some asked how they could change too.

Now, five of our men are from that area; either his friends or brothers. When they go back to visit to tell their stories of hope and life, they hear the same words called after them as they walk along the tracks: “How handsome you’ve become! Don’t come back! Keep going…!”


Prayer driving

Another trip, a four-day prayer drive, took us into the heart of our state, over and around many hills and valleys until we reached the border. We stopped at various strategic points along the way, asking forgiveness, breaking curses and speaking blessing, particularly over the history of tribal warrior head hunting, (after a successful raid, hunters would put the heads of their defeated enemy inside a log drum then beat the drum in celebration.)

At the border village, in Jesus’ name, we closed the doors to all trafficking of drugs, guns and people.  We met the village chief and told him our stories of freedom. The British people on the team asked forgiveness on behalf of their ancestors for bringing opium to his village.

Over the following weeks we noticed a significant increase in the number of news reports of people caught trafficking drugs and guns.



Since our first man arrived, we have seen many wonderful physical and emotional healings. We have also been delighted to see our brothers beginning to care for the new guys as they arrive. As they are touched and healed, they learn to care for others in ways that they had never done before. Many could never have imagined that God could use them in such special ways to help others.

We have seen Father heal our guys in such exciting and unimaginable ways. Some experienced very little difficulty coming off drugs; others have been healed of aches, pains and itches. We are sure there are many miracles of healing that we don’t even know about!


The future

Our home is now completely full, with two of us sleeping on the floor and more coming. Our plan is to build a new house so that many more have the chance to meet Jesus and be set free in a safe and loving environment.

His provision over these years has been extraordinary. We have never once been without. We have been provided for and kept safe in every possible way. Our prayer is always that He will give us enough so that we can give some away.

Even our ground is being healed. Over the last few months, we have been growing vegetables on land where we were told nothing would grow.



Andrew's Story

Andrew is from a neighbouring state. He found us unexpectedly by word of mouth.  He has lived through the incredible heartache of losing his wife in childbirth, and then experiencing a horrific car crash of which he can remember nothing because he was so drugged. 

Andrew now loves sharing what he has discovered of his new Father and the new life and excitement he has found in Jesus.  He loves searching the bible and asking questions about how and why; Jesus’ words are beginning to come alive.


The local children

The children living at the back of our home are extremely poor. They live off the land and collect reusable rubbish to get tiny amounts of money from recycling.  They love to hear stories, sing and make pictures and kites, they wear homemade crowns and rings showing their new identity as His children.

Man working

Joshua's story

Joshua is of mixed heritage, and this has caused a real crisis in his identity and family life. All of his life he has felt different and left out; he struggled on his own and fought for his rights.  When he ran out of his own strength he turned to alcohol to forget.

Now, Joshua is coming to learn that he has a Father who will never leave him, and his identity is wrapped up in Him, not in his messy family history.

It has been a painful journey, as day by day more stories of betrayal by his current family and tribe are revealed, but Joshua is learning to trust his new Father.


Stephen's Story

Stephen is learning that fear doesn’t have to rule his life.  When he was born, his life was in danger and he nearly died; no one thought he would survive.

Then, from a young age he was picked on and bullied by other children. He learnt to hide himself away, inject drugs and lose himself in playing the guitar.

Now, Stephen knows his life is safe. He knows that his Father watches over his every moment with kindness, not criticism or a view to punishment.  When fear and panic rise, Stephen is able to ask for help and call out to His Daddy.

Table tennis

Simon's story

Simon saw his friend Matthew change and wanted to change too.  He came to us with hollowed out cheeks, all skin and bone.  He had multiple illnesses to battle. Some he has fought and won, others he is still fighting but always with great light and laughter in his eyes! 

Matthew left us shortly after Simon arrived, but has now come back, eight months later and seen his friend Simon change so much that he is now encouraged to let Jesus change his life too.

Man with rope

Samuel's story

Samuel is a husband and father of two beautiful children; he has epilepsy and was addicted to alcohol.

Over the past year he has been healed and set free in many amazing ways. In his own words; “I have changed from being an animal to a human being”. He looks and behaves so differently now; he has grown in confidence and is able to express his ideas and feelings.  Before, he would just leave home and drink himself into a stupor for days.

Samuel has received great freedom from oppression by other idols; his short term memory is improving month by month, from scarcely being able to remember what he had just done, to being able to remember many lines of bible truth.  His epilepsy is now well controlled and we are looking forward to the day he is completely healed.

Samuel is also learning to express his love and tender heart for his wife and children. His father died when he was very young, and now he is learning what it is to have a Father, and how to be a father to his children.

Man through net


Matthew was an addict and alcoholic for many years. His sister and mother both died from addiction and related diseases. He has been diagnosed with a number of drug-resistant diseases and has been declared ‘untreatable’ by local doctors.

Before he came, he was weak and had difficulty breathing. He said he couldn’t walk very far due to a damaged knee that which was never operated on.

Within three to four weeks he was walking with us around our local neighbourhood. After only six weeks, we went on a two day hiking trip up steep hills in the pouring rain.  He lasted the whole trip in spite of his breathing difficulty and general weakness, and amazingly his leg caused no problems whatsoever! It had been completely healed!

This gave him incredible encouragement to pray for other healings in his body.  He has now been free from the breathing difficulty, which was said to be medicine resistant, for over six months.

He has been through many emotional ups and downs with his healing, but now he is incredibly grateful and encouraged.

Matthew has also discovered that some of his behaviour and difficulties with people are rooted in the ways his parents treated him when we was very young. Knowing this, he has asked Jesus to heal him and is now living out his healing, no longer facing things alone, no longer hiding in drugs and alcohol, and no longer hurting and cutting himself to relieve his inner pain.

Guys sitting

Phoebe's Story

We met Phoebe on the station bridge. Her first husband (whom she’d married as a teenager) died young. And her second husband abandoned her. She is alone.

She loves to hear stories of Jesus. She often sees Him and has dreams of Him.  As we talk to her, others gather and she tells them about Him.  Often we share tea together and food, sometimes she comes home with us to join our meals and shower in privacy.