Acts of Worship

John 4:23: But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.

Acts of Worship - Pictures and testimonies


In November this year, a group of musicians gathered in Hong Kong for a weekend of worship together, with all of our families at St Stephen’s, and their friends. Among those gathered were Epiphany, an ensemble of musicians with an emphasis on playing improvised and prophetic music, who last year showed us Sound Portraits (Separate report from Richard Williamson, Epiphany’s Director is available here). This was a continuation of the journey started at last year’s Jubilee, towards a different kind of worship, where “we long for the people of God to be heard and allowed to enjoy joining in the worship rather than to admire the band doing so.”


The musicians arrived early in the week to a full schedule, starting with music sessions and sound portraits for residents at a hospice, and a home for the severely disabled. All our musician guests were billeted with our own residents, and many took the opportunity to augment the worship teams in their respective houses, including playing sound portraits for our residents.


We made more time for Sound Portraits this year, allowing many more people to hear from the Lord uniquely and personally, through non-lyrical music.


Acts of Worship started with free public sessions in Jordan, including an afternoon of taking the gospel (and music) to the streets of Kowloon and giving worship expression through action. Dozens of strangers on the street met our teams, in turn met Jesus, and went away changed. Eyes were opened, backs straightened, pain banished, muscles loosened, and insomnia cured! All this because the people of God come to him in worship!